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About Dr. Margie Mirell #25701

I have over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, and have focused my energy in the following areas: relationship issues, addictions and co-dependency, personality problems, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. In therapy I often use Jungian dream analysis, hypnosis and a mind, body, spirit focus. As a certified Insights Jungian Coach. Therefore, I can help you facilitate professional and career issues. As a life coach I give people tools to transition. Grief Counselor.


Sometimes we need to talk it out. Not for sympathy, but to find truth that guides us to our purpose and peace within ourselves. Struggling with conflicts within yourself and with others? To help you on your journey, Dr. Margie Mirell specializes in Somatic Experience for Complex Trauma, Grief Recovery, Imago Relationship Therapy and Sex Therapy. She can teach you to avoid pain, change behavior patterns, and dialogue with Safer Conversations for more creative, productive, and healing solutions. With her Ph.D. in Sexology, Margie can help you fully embrace your sexual self through raising desire and fostering open communication.

With the right tools, you can heal and learn from the past. We can gain insight and build hope, which creates a more meaningful life. Find the key to connecting fully with your true self and with others. Discover satisfaction in every aspect of your life through Jungian Dream Analysis, Mindfulness and Brainspotting.

Know you have taken an important first step. With warmth and empathy, Margie can help you overcome your struggles and achieve your goals. She will provide a safe and nurturing space for you that allows you to express yourself free of judgement and find your true voice. Together, you can discover the inner peace and joy, we all seek.

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